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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 7, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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throughout the rest of the day with a passing shower, and 53 is the best we can hope for in philadelphia. in the poconos, more like 42. still little on the un settled side, meisha? >> thank you so much for that. and good happy friday to you. looking outside right now, you see flashing lights, we have police activity going on at schuylkill eastbound at girard. heads up on this. this is probably not going to slow you down right now but probably going to start to as we push deep near the 5:00 hour. heads up if you are headed out on the schuylkill around girard. also the vine, take a look at this, looking great, pushing in the westbound direction toward the schuylkill. and the eastbound side, looking good. i would say building levels ever so slightly overall okay. building fire coming up in jersey. that in about ten minute, jim, over to you. >> thank you so much, meisha. breaking overnight the united states has launched attack on syrian air base. syria's military reports at least seven people were killed. >> it is in retaliation for gruesome chemical weapons attack that killed dozens earlier this week, close to
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606 crews missiles hitting a air base where the attack planes took off. weijia jiang live in west long beach. weijia? >> reporter: for years, as private citizen, then on the campaign trail, president trump insisted the us should stay out of syria. but he was clearly moved by the country's most recent chemical attack saying the shift happened when he saw images of innocent children who were killed. last night a series of us missile strikes took direct aim at the regime as syrian leader al-assad. >> today i ordered targeted military strike on the airfield in syria from where the chemical attack was launched. >> 2us navy warships in the mediterranian sea fired a total of 59 tomahawk missiles aimed at this air base in central syria. >> it is in this vital
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national security of the united states to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons. >> a report on syrian state television called the up the s missile strike an aggression, but stopped short of calling it an act of war. in a impromptu press conference, secretary of state, rex tillerson, told report that's president made the decision to strike thursday. >> it does demonstrate the president trump is willing to act when governments and actors cross the line. >> s officials says vice president mike pence worked out of the white house situation room during the strike. at least two dozen members of congress were briefed or notified about the assault. >> tonight he acted under his authorities commander in chief. >> how much, house minority leader nancy pelosi and other democrats said the president should have consulted with congress. russia has also labeled the air strike an aggression,
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adding, they are a significant blow to russian-american relations. the pentagon says the kremlin had multiple notifications about the attacks during conversations on thursday before they were launched. live in west palm beach florida, i'm weijia jiang, back to you. >> well, syrians in the united states are watching it. v to find out what's happening in their home country. >> this woman living in allentown made news few months ago when the president's travel ban blocked her family from coming to the u.s. our david spunt spoke with her by phone. >> what are you thinking right now? >> my heart is pumping really really fast. i am very, very angry. very angry at what's is happening right now. i'll very afraid for syria. because i feel they're doing what they did in iraq, they're doing in syria now. these nerve gas were used by isis to make more weapons to kill our people. >> so you don't believe -- >> they're hitting the wrong people, no.
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i don't believe they're doing that. >> tell me about. that will you believe it is isis? >> i believe because if they would have investigated further what our army hit was a place where they are making isis and these people are making the chemical weapons and that's why it went back on the people. they were trying to target isis. >> meantime in a statement just released the kremlin is calling the us strike on syria aggression against a sovereign state, violation of international law. saudi arabia is freezing courageous decision on attack on syria. stay tuned for the military attack on syria. you can always follow the story any time at >> montgomery county business feels the brunt every yesterday's storm after its roof is torn apart by high winds, now some wonder if it was a tornado. >> trang do live in west conshohocken, with more on this story. trang, good morning.
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>> well, good morning, rahel, jim. yes, ma'am, several witnesses hearsay they swear they saw a tornado touchdown here, but that is unclear at this point. what is clear is the damage that was left behind here. it is pretty significant. this is a portion of the roof here. you can see it has been lifted up. while another sizeable portion of the roof was completely moved over to the other side of the parking lot. >> chopper three captured a birdseye view of the materials technology company in west conshohocken. now, without a roof. a powerful storm moved through thursday, killing the roof off of one building and tossing it across the parking lot. it landed on top of one car, and damaged several other. >> it just come straight on through. and i guess lucky that no one was injured at that time of day when people come out. i'm almost positive some of us here, there would be fatalities up here when the storm went through. >> twenty-three employees were inside the building on union hill road. all got out safely. around 4:00 p.m., security guard reported seeing a tornado touchdown over the building.
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but, lou roo, trained storm spotter for the national weather service, says it appears straight line winds were at work. >> the tornado hit, and debris tossed in many different directions, in this case it is all tossed in one direction. >> strong winds can proof just as dangerous as a tornado, over in new castle county, delaware, paramedics took 50 year old juan and 17 year old boy to the hospital, after winds toppled a tree onto their car as they waited at an intersection during the storm. >> and back out here we've just seen number of employees come out of the building with flashlights, to kind of survey the parking lot and the damage that was done here. meanwhile, a national weather service crew would have to come out here to do a survey to determine if an actual tornado touched down here. but, for now, live in west conshohocken, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. >> trang, thank you. in other news, the tax deadline is fast approaching, up next, i'll show you how to avoid some commoner ores that could turn out to be costly
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mistakes. plus this. >> the senate is expected to confirm neil gorsuch as the next justice of the supreme court. later today, i'm hena daniels in new york with more on senate republicans imposing the so-called nuclear option. >> and they call him lucky. meet the school janitor who lived to up his nickname by surviving a tornado.
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>> we are following breaking news this morning, the us launches air strikes in syria. at this hour, great britain, australia, japan, israel and saudi arabia say they back the military action, iran and russia are condemning it. president trump ordered nearly 60 crews missiles to strike in airfields southeast of homes last night. syria's government says at least seven people are dead from that attack. well, with two weeks to go before the filing deadline, it is crunch time for taxpayers who haven't yet completed or even started attacks return. that last minute sprint to the finish can sometimes lead to some costly mistakes. this morning's "3 on your side" consumer report, we take a look at some of the most commoner ores. >> in the final days before the federal income tax filing deadline, things can get stressful. >> there are so many rules, regulations, age limit, income
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limit, i mean, it is very complicated. >> jacky, the president of the greater philadelphia chapter of the pennsylvania institute of certified public accountant. she says first, watch out for basic errors. >> people have to remember to put the correct address on their return. sometimes they forget to include their payment for their taxes due. >> double check your social security bumper. >> they could flip the numbers, they could just be off by one digit. >> also? >> it is really important for to you sign and date the tax returns. >> another simple mistake, choosing the wrong filing status. >> i think a lot of people confuse head of household, if they're single, and they have children, sometimes people use single versus head of household. >> keep in mind if you don't file the correct status your return could be rejected or your refunds delayed. math errors less common these days, so many people using tax preparation software, even so? >> people forget to maybe
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report income, like they might have had a 1099 in the prior year, and they forget to wait for that tax document in the mail. and sometimes people get multiple pension checks. so at the would get multiple ten the nine, and it is easy to forget one. >> finally, it was great to get big refunds in the spring. that's not the smartest thing to do. better offer adjusting your tax withholding from your paycheck, and getting little extra monday any your paycheck throughout the year. you can adjust withholding going forward, just fill out new w4 form, smith it to your employer. >> the internal revenue service says the personal data of 100,000 people may have been compromised, in a security breach. the irs says hackers posed as student using an on line retrieval tool to apply for financial aid. that tool was disabled in early march, as expected to be available again this october for filing for next academic year with extra security precautions. >> the senate plans to vote on the confirmation of kneel
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gorsuch to the supreme court this morning. hena daniels, it it follows the following so-called nuclear option in response to fill a busker. >> giving thumbs-up, the usually reserved majority leader walked offer the senate floor victorious thursday night, after green lighting the nuclear option, and paving judge neil gorsuch's path to the supreme court. >> it would be a radical move, something completely unprecedented in the history of our senate. >> the senate will continue to debate gorsuch this morning, after what became an all-out war on the floor on thursday when we republicans failed to get the 60 vote they needed. the yeah are 55, the nay's are 45. >> democrats subjected the judge to the first partisan fill a bus nerve us history. and in response, gop lawmakers changed the rules. >> we will, sadly, point to today, that the turning point in the history of the senate and the supreme court.
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>> going nuclear requires only a simple majority. a decision that not only shakes up the senate but could change the future of the highest court, on his, he spoke on the nomination and the future of the supreme court. >> the senate is expected to confirm neil gorsuch as the next justice of the supreme court later today. hena daniels, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> and time now 5:14. it feels like we had couple of warm days this week. that will was nice. today kind of taking chillier note? >> definitely little taste of wintery conditions outside, guys. yes, you know, april is one of the months, still kind of transition into spring, officially, but i do think you will like what the seven day has up it sleeve. so bear with me. i know it is phillies home opener day. so often the wet kerr go one extreme or another. today will actually be on the chillier side. but it doesn't look like we have to deal with much more than maybe stray shower here and there, so if you are
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headed out to the ballpark, not going to need rain gear per say, but i highly suggest having that heavy phillies sweatshirt ready to go. and the reason for that the back side of this storm system, even though it is actually still pretty clear across most of the region, you can see the moisture off to the northwest, that wrap around moisture with areas of low pressure in the northern hemisphere, everything moves counter clockwise it, will spin not just more moisture in, left over moisture, if you will, but also a chill. because that winds starts to come more out of the west or northwest. so that does mean it is going to feel on the chilly side here today. and the temperature will reflect that. looking forward, when you see the blues, you know, greens start to move to the north, you know things are starting to get mild. as the jet stream pattern is in play here, jet stream serves more than anything to steer storms and just separate the cool else from the warmest air. as the jet stream lift to the north into the next couple of days, really going to see chance to warm up nicely. so, when you see this in the seven day, you will
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understanded why. but there will be cold front that comes along tuesday into wednesday, briefly knock us back, we will be above average for the majority of the forecast, not today. but the majority of the forecast. outside we go to one of the live neighborhood network come as, all is calm. here in rehoboth, the breeze has pick up, it is going to stick with us, through the course of the day. at the moment, it is generally out of the west or southwest, will turn little bit more off to the west or northwest through the rest of the day, but, with that said, any time the breeze blows on day that you don't get into anything better than the mid 50's, it does feel chillier. so i do think the gusts peak maybe as high as 30 miles per hour. so other than a shower, the clouds, the winds, are the primary story here today. and the fact that we're really not going to be moving much on the mercury throughout the rest of the afternoon. 53 degrees at best, later tonight, cooler, certainly, partly cloudy skies, breezy, as well, but the worse of the breeze tapering off with time. it does still stay breezy through tomorrow, but brightening up nicely, and then let me step out of the way and show you this.
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oh, isn't that a site for sore eyes? i think we've got shot to at least flirt with 80 degrees, come tuesday, i know, did you hear me? not a type open, guys, 79 on tuesday, meisha, break out your running pants, my friends. >> oh, trust me i'll be having those shorts on, you can better believe it. getting excited about the 80s? i know when katie says that i'm jumping for joy over that. although we never want to bypass the weekends, but bye, weekend, see ya later. police activity was here. girard, police activity moved out of the way. looking good on the schuylkill east. however pushing in the eastbound direction starting to build levels already this morning. we've been dealing with so much rain, and wet roadways all week, i think everyone is headed out the door early for what we would typically see on a friday. blue route headlight moving in the northbound direction at route one, darker camera shot, but you can see how many headlights and tail light are already out there on the blue route, and also, in new jersey, our first look at the 42, approaching 295, what you will be headed out to, all of your neighbors headed out
5:18 am
there right now, plenty of headlight, but still holding at these levels on 426789 so still traveling around at posted speeds. now, we do have building fire in new jersey, just a heads up on this, closed near 29a295 north and south at paulsboro clark borough, on and off-ramps are closed. so, just heads up, this building fire is affecting traffic, just little bit with the ramps. also, we have some mobile crews out there, still, on route 55 in jersey. northbound between 641 and route 42, they'll lingering out there i would say until around 6:00 a.m. that's not it. in terms of construction, we have mover, north east extension southbound between quakertown and lansdale. just heads up. right lane blocked there. then we've got plenty of construction on the pa turnpike for those every that you have to jump on this morning, pa turnpike passed bensalem, however, you're cleared, pa turnpike between bensalem and willow grove, two left lanes blocked there, more construction coming up in the next ten minutes. i know it sounds like a lot of fun, rahel, over to you. all right, meisha, see you then, thank you.
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and now for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> front page of the intelligence err introduces us to grounds breaker, delaware university inch august rate dollars first female president yesterday. maria gallo is the 13th president in the university's 121 year history. she stresses the student a theme of dream, design, and do. >> congratulations to her. and delaware news journal, wilmington city council voted last night to geffin coming police chief a raise, and it is a big one, $43,000 increasing the job's base salary to $117,000. lawmakers hope the raise will attract more competitive candidates for the still open jobs. >> bucks county did a courier times reports on new non-profit, aimed at companion chip to veterans in the final days. lower makefield resident, jan cull-beck, founded project never again grieve alone months ago. members visit veterans in hospice care, to keep them company. >> and that's a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley.
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>> take me out to the ballgame. >> that's where pat gallen is this morning. patrick? >> good morning, guys. little chilly out here at citizens bank park, but it is opening day. so who is ready for baseball this afternoon, as the nationals take on the phillies? we're going to talk about what happened in cincinnati, who is pitching today, and the great given aways they'll have, the big day, come on down to the ballpark. chocolatey, hershey's.
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>> had a new hours filing back into the park for the phillies home opener. >> a look ahead at opening day, pat?
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>> reporter: good morning, guys. yes, first pitch is here at 3:05 p.m., the washington nationals come to town to take on the phillies, will open up their home 2017 schedule. before we get to the festivities, fun things for today, let's look back at the first series of the season in cincinnati, as the phillies took on the reds. finished up the series yesterday, with the daniel nova show, outfielder, actually hit his first homerun, a grand-slam, against the phillies, few years back, yesterday, his first two at bat, two homeruns for the phils. unfortunately, after that, after those two homeruns, four-nothing lead, then fell apart, as the reds brought to the plate michael, relief pitcher pinch hitting, he slams a homerun to centerfield, the reds, unfortunately, beat the phillies seven-four, and they take the series. now to the action today, 30:00, a little chilly here, vince val he is quest takes the field for the phillies, first start of the season, showed plenty of promise last year striking out 152 batters,
5:25 am
131 innings, including, 16 in his first start in this ballpark a year ago, on april 14th. so he's a strikeout machine. phillies hope he starts off the same way he did here in 2016. he's up against one of the best, as well, scherzer, the raining nl cy young award winner, he won 20 games a year ago. the run down for today, in the ballpark outside of the ballpark begins at noon with the festivities, block party gets started outside of citizens bank park, food, music, plenty of fun there, at 12:00 parks you can actually enter the ballpark as the gates open. that is followed by phillies batting practice, and few minutes after that, right around 12:40, when they kick that off. at 3,051st pitch for the phillies and washington nationalsment back here live at the ballpark all year long, just for being a phillies fan, you get to reap the rewards of that, so many cool things that you get just for coming in here, including this right here this beautiful knit cap for today. brought to you by them ores,
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that's beautiful. also, for the phanatic's birthday, look at this, that's a good looking hat, isn't it? isn't that nice? that's for the phanatic's birthday, and i think everyone love this one. that's for star wars night june 21, a fanatic star wars bobble head. this might fetch, fetch a good dollar on ebay? no, i shouldn't say that. >> hey, pat? >> this is really cool. ya? >> i know you're the sport anchor around here, the sport analyst, but i'm all decked out in my phillies red. where are your colors, bro? >> well, it is cold out here, i have to rep my cbs-3 colors, as well. >> listen, i don't think anybody has the phillies outfit like i do. i will tweet it out. i couldn't wear the same outfit twice in a week, that's like showing up at a party with the same outfit. >> philly favorite ryan howard has new home, signed minor
5:27 am
league deal, will start out triple a. howard hit 196 with 25 homeruns for the phils last season, now, still in the minors in july, he'll be playing against the lehigh valley ironpigs in allentown. >> well, coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news," how the world's financial market are reacting to the u.s. air strikes in syria. >> we'll have a live report from wall street. jan? >> reporter: and police are calling it a brazen robbery in feltonville. i'm january scan carabeo, reporting live, coming up: what police say the suspects did even after getting hundreds of dollars from their victims. >> plus, a four year old girl is abducted in wilmington. she is now safe. authorities searching for the suspect. we'll have an update. katie? >> rahel, now that we are approaching the upcoming weekends, the storminess of this past week is behind us. we will warm up with every passing day this weekendment still little breezy through tomorrow but with more sunshine, we really end up with some beautiful weather overall, especially, by
5:28 am
sunday. stay there. we'll come right back with how long that pattern will last.
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